Monday, March 7, 2011

Let them eat yellowcake

Life is nothing if not exciting under President Obama. Thanks to his skillful guidance and foreign policy of bowing to petty dictators, we now live in a world where even the meekest of countries feels empowered to defy international law, common sense and plain old decency.

Case in point this week is Zimbabwe, a formerly weak and ineffectual country in Africa. But no more. Now, little Zimbabwe is feeling its oats and is ready to defy the big bad world.

Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, Zimbabwe's foreign minister, has declared the United Nation's ban on selling nuclear materials to Iran unjust.

According to an intelligence report released by the UN's nuclear agency, Zimbabwe is planning to give yellowcake uranium to Iran in return for refined fuel.

Iran already has a deal with Russia to supply it with fuel, so the benefit to Iran of dealing with Zimbabwe is open to speculation, but it's guaranteed not to be good for anyone else.

While the Obama administration fiddles in the Middle East, Zimbabwe, which is already under its own UN sanctions for human rights abuses, is testing its boundaries and finding them weak indeed.

No doubt the Left will handle this with its usual nuanced sophistication. There must be another Left-wing lackey, er, ambassador, who can jet over to Zimbabwe, talk to one or two government flacks over drinks and oysters and report back that it's all made up. ...

Or maybe Obama can just bow to Robert Mugabe. It's served us so well up to this point.

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