Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jerry Brown wants Prop. 13 rematch

Whatever "new" outlook California's liberals thought they were getting by voting for Jerry Brown, it didn't take long for the recycled Democrat to drag the state back 30 years.

Brown's first order of business in his new term was to tackle his old nemesis Prop. 13.

Prop. 13, which kept many Californians in their homes by stopping power-hungry counties and cities from endlessly raising property taxes, is directly in Brown's sights. He opposed it then, he opposes it now. Get ready for your taxes to go up, despite Brown's inaugural speech that called for an end to partisanship.

The cover for undoing Prop. 13 is that Brown says it centralized too much power in Sacramento.

Of course, a lot of that was Brown's own doing, since he signed the legislation centralizing school funding immediately after Prop. 13 passed.

Now, Brown says he opposes a property tax hike but wants to "restructure" the relationship between state and local governments. Translation: Your property taxes will go up, sooner than later.

Overturning the will of the voters, blaming someone else for the problems their own party's years-long rule has created, and looking to raise taxes as a first response. Yup, the donkeys are in charge in California.

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