Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NAACP plays hide the cracker

Note the blue box in the background. Credit: Michael D. Brown
It's long been obvious to many Americans that some of the most virulently racist groups in the country are those on the Left that trumpet their "struggle" against racism.

It's a George in the Box. Credit: Michael D. Brown
Take the case in point: the NAACP.

Formed supposedly to defend civil rights of black Americans, the NAACP long ago turned into a pack of ultraliberal, race-baiting wolves.

This past Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, was supposed to be a celebration of King's dream of real racial equality. Instead, the NAACP showed just how far this country has to go.

In Columbia, S.C., a gathering for MLK day was held on the steps of the statehouse, which are dominated by a bronze statue of George Washington. The NAACP built a giant box around the statue so attendees wouldn't be "offended."

Here are some pictures.

Pay no attention to the white man behind the curtain. Credit: Michael D. Brown
So the NAACP, which is so self-righteous it passed a resolution demanding that the Tea Party eliminate "racist elements" supposedly in its midst, has members who are so offended by America's first president that they have to put a box over him?

It's hard to guess which element offends more NAACP members: that Washington was American or that he was white. The smart money would cover both bases.

There's a Bible passage the NAACP (and the rest of the Left, for that matter) should consider. It starts, "remove the plank from your own eye. ..."

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