Wednesday, November 3, 2010

California: State of Confusion

It's the morning after in California, and the state's voters have once again proven that logic has no home on the Left Coast.

While most of the rest of the country made a necessary turn to the right in an effort to stop President Obama from remaking the country in his own image, California embraced its standard slate of left-wing know-nothings while voting down initiatives that would increase economic activity and passing measures sure to result in higher taxes and fewer jobs.

The same affliction evidently spread as far as Nevada, where the voters returned Obama's sock puppet Harry Reid to the Senate.

So what would compel voters in two states with among the highest unemployment rates in the country to endorse the party that has practically promised to make things worse?

It's a clear example of the failure of public education. Our schools long ago gave up teaching American culture, values and history, much less critical thinking skills.

It doesn't take much intellectual prowess to realize that Keynesian policies don't work and never have worked. They failed in the Great Depression, they failed under Carter, they are failing under Obama, they have been failing for decades in California.

And why would they work? The fundamental principle of Keynesian economics is that government must spend to "stimulate" the economy in hard times. The problem is with the unspoken part of that theory, wherein the money comes from the pockets of the very people who are supposed to be stimulated. The more the government stimulates, the poorer the taxpayers get.


Yet the legend persists of how Keynesian notions have saved not only us but other countries in times of duress. Without any real knowledge of history, a substantial body of voters continues to believe the lie.

And those who don't know their history are doomed to vote Democrat.

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