Monday, November 22, 2010

Feds' Plead, 'Let Us Invade Your Privacy'

John Pistole, the administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, is making the rounds today to stave off an anticipated Thanksgiving travel disaster.

Not a terrorist attack, just the loss of his job.

Former FBI Deputy Director Pistole, the fall guy for Janet Napolitano's "Grope 'N' Go" policy at U.S. airports is begging the American people not to join in an Internet movement to refuse the body scans during holiday travel. The scans, which only take a few seconds, are much faster (not to mention easier to store in a computer for later perusal by bored TSA agents) than the full-body patdowns, which take at least a few minutes to be really satisfying.

Airport officials are keeping a close eye on the TSA's performance this week because it only takes a couple of people to really screw things up during the busiest travel time of the year.

To anyone brave enough to risk the airports this weekend, I say go for it. Refuse to be microwaved and photographed naked by the scanners, then protest the patdown. Don't do anything illegal, just exercise your First Amendment right to protest--the louder the better.

Remember just a few years ago, when the liberals were perpetually screaming about President Bush allegedly invading privacy and taking away people's rights because of things like wire tapping terrorist cell phones?

Well, America, here we have a real wanna-be tyrant in President Obama and his henchmen, Napolitano and Pistole, and they are actually violating our rights.

This is REAL.

Our ancestors rebelled against a tyrant king who raised taxes, took our property and denied us representation. We are now facing a tyrant king, elected by our own vote, who is every minute chipping away at individuals' right to be unmolested by government without just cause.

The government, of course, sells this gross attack on our privacy and right to travel as being for our "safety." Some people, sadly, fall for this line of doublespeak.

More than 200 years ago, Benjamin Franklin said, "Those willing to sacrifice their basic rights in the name of security deserve neither rights nor security."

Why would Americans stand by while women and children are publicly raped by a rogue agency deliberately trying to force people into the scanner, where they are photographed naked? Anyone who does so is nothing more than a sheep, which is what Obama really wants--a nation full of docile, weak sheep who can be led to accept anything, no matter how outrageous or repugnant.

So, are you a sheep or an American?

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