Friday, November 19, 2010

Liberal Terrorism: Bristol Palin Target of White Powder Scare

The story of Bristol Palin's success on "Dancing With the Stars" has everything American audiences used to cheer. A young single mother working as a secretary gets tapped by a major television show to enter a dance competition against professional entertainers.

Despite the odds, no dance experience and the hurtful jibes of her detractors and some of her competitors, she remains dignified and classy, and makes it to the finals.

But to the Left, it's a different story. It's the tale of the hated, talentless daughter of a despised foe backed by an evil conspiracy to take the coveted trophy from someone more deserving.

At least, that's what the Left and all its hordes of commentators are saying.

But there is yet another story about the Left and Bristol Palin, and it's full of truths the Left can't admit because it would reveal the utter moral and emotional bankruptcy of America's "progressives."

That's the story in which assorted liberal celebretards like Margaret Cho and Brandi feel they can phone it in and still have a chance at winning because they're entitled, but then drip bile when America votes them out.

It's the story in which "Dancing With the Stars" producers thought they'd poke some fun at the Palin family (such as by cutting to Sarah Palin while the audience booed the scores for one dancing couple), only to be stunned that a bright, humble, hard-working, conservative young woman could win the hearts of Americans in this age of cynicism.

It's also the story where Left-wing bloggers make up lies about Bristol and her family, feed them to the idiot children of the media such as TMZ and hope they get picked up by major news outlets.

In this story, young Bristol is the embodiment of everything the Left hates: a young, hard-working woman who decided to give her baby a chance at life rather than go to the abortion mill; who speaks against the Left's obsession with sexually objectifying teens and offers a hard-learned and passionate message about abstinence; who learns from her mistakes; who respects and loves her family; who believes in real American values like patriotism and faith.

In this story, America's love affair with Bristol Palin drives the Left so insane that one man felt compelled to shoot his television before threatening his wife and standing off against SWAT. (Good thing those anti-gun laws worked, huh?)

This is the story where the Left feels so driven to stop Bristol Palin that at least one home-grown terrorist tried to scare her out of the competition by sending her an envelope of white powder at the studio where the show is taped. (Thankfully, it was only talcum powder.)

And this is the tale of how the Left-wing media, probably embarrassed at its con-freres' actions, cover up that the scare package delivered to CBS was addressed to Bristol Palin. (MSNBC only mentioned Bristol was the target at the very end of its story, and the Associated Press didn't say she was the target at all, even though the fact was announced by the studio.)

Yes, this story is shaping up to have everything I've come to love about the Left: petulance, whininess, narcissism, and of course, bullying and the threat of violence against anyone not on their Facebook friend list.

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