Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Case of the Mystery Missile

If you haven't heard by now, an ICBM-size  missile was launched off the coast of Southern California on Monday evening.

The problem is, no one in the U.S. military seems to know who launched it.

The rocket's trail was filmed by a KCBS news copter, about 50 miles west of Los Angeles. NORAD and NORTHCOM officials told Fox News there was no threat to national security.

However, Pentagon Spokesman Colonel Dave Lapan said the launch did not appear to be a scheduled one, and he could not confirm whose rocket it was or where it went.

Just to up the DefCon a notch, the Pentagon apparently is using the KCBS footage to try to figure out what happened, because apparently neither NORAD nor NORTHCOM, which are supposed to protect us from such things, were able to detect the missile independently.

Some news sources have suggested this was a "show of strength" while President Obama is traveling with his circus troupe in Asia.

Raise your hand if that explanation makes you feel better.

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