Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Flag on the Play as Left Spins Las Vegas Shooting

The killers in Sunday's Las Vegas shootings, Amanda and Jerad Miller, are just turning out to be the Left's fantasy murderers.

After dozens of high-profile mass killings in which the suspects were clearly straight-down-the-line libs, the Millers came along with a twist, depositing a Gadsden flag at the scene of their murders of two police officers and spouting some nonsense about starting a revolution.

The blog Raw Story claims to have found postings by the Millers on Alex Jones' InfoWars and other conservative sites, and the Millers apparently made an appearance at the recent Bundy Ranch showdown, though it appears they were given the boot by the real militia people who were there.

So now the media, led by professional outlets like Reuters and cut-rate agitpropists like Raw Story, are working overtime to make Amanda and Jerad Miller into full-fledged representatives of the Tea Party movement and conservatives in general.

Time out. There's a flag on this play.

Specifically, the Gadsden Flag.

There's also a mostly overlooked manifesto (there's always a manifesto) with a swastika on it that was left at the scene of the two dead officers, according to officials familiar with the crime scene.

If not for the lingering effects of public schooling, the cognitive dissonance of those two objects -- a Gadsden Flag and a Nazi Swastika -- being anywhere near each other would have jumped out at anyone being made aware of the facts, even notoriously slow reporters and editors.

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