Monday, June 9, 2014

Las Vegas Shooting Literally a False Flag Event

A Las Vegas pizzeria on Sunday became the scene of the brutal murders of two police officers by a man and a woman who then killed another person at a nearby Walmart before killing themselves during a shootout with police reinforcements.

According to information that was available Sunday evening, the police officers were just taking a lunch break when one of the shooters snuck up behind an officer as he got a refill of soda and shot him in the back. The gunner, reportedly the woman, then shot the second officer as he attempted to pull his weapon. The second officer managed to get off some shots before collapsing, but it is unclear if he hit either of the suspects.

The suspects then reportedly took the officers' weapons and fled in the direction of Walmart, where they shot one person and warned everybody else to get out. Police reinforcements had arrived by that time, and the woman allegedly shot her male companion then herself.

This could have been just another shooting but for one detail: The killers left behind a Gadsden Flag, which means this shooting will be a goldmine for the Left as it tries to connect the Tea Party, "right-wing extremism," and the white supremacist movement.

Read more at Godfather Politics.

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