Monday, June 16, 2014

What Liberals Don't Know Can Kill Us

What liberals don't understand could fill volumes. In fact, it already does, especially under the names of authors like Adams, Jefferson and Madison.

But the particular area of liberal ignorance that should concern us most at this moment involves Iraq's importance in the Middle East, to America and to the world.

In the world seen through liberal lenses, the war in Iraq was a) about oil, b) about carrying out some agenda of the first President Bush, or c) both.
According to the Left, there was no reason to be there, Saddam Hussein was a perfectly nice guy and no threat, al-Qaida didn't exist there, it just wasn't worth American lives or effort.

They still cling to the mantra that "there were no WMDs," (even though it's clear that Saddam had a stockpile ...

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