Thursday, June 19, 2014

Obama Just Making It Easier for al-Qaida in Iraq

President Obama continues to clear the path for al-Qaida’s takeover of Iraq, like the sweeper on a curling team.
To say he’s squandered the opportunities a democratic Iraq could have provided is to be exceptionally lenient.
There is blood on the man’s hands, and he keeps going back for more.
Not only did he essentially abandon Iraq, he has refused to live up to U.S. legal obligations to protect Iraq when it is endangered.
Not only did he release in 2009 the man who has become the leader of the ISIS army that is tearing through Iraq, but he’s publicly assured al-Qaida that they will face no U.S. opposition because Obama will only send in 100 more troops to supplement the handful at the embassy. Now, he’s ruled out airstrikes, even with drones.
He may claim to be a Christian, but Obama’s sympathies are with radical Muslims, as all his policies and actions to date have led to this pass in Iraq and have given aid and comfort to our enemies around the world.

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