Saturday, June 14, 2014

Obama on Iraq: Hell No, I Won't Go

Of all the betrayals of Barack Hussein Obama's presidency, the decision announced this week not to give any aid to the legitimate Iraqi government in its fight against a rampaging al-Qaida army must be one of the worst.

Joseph Farah at WorldNet Daily made a point that Obama's foreign policy is derivative of the infamous Cloward-Piven strategy for bringing about a communist economy by overloading the welfare system, and thus ensuring maximum government control. Farah believes that Obama's goal at all times is to create chaos for chaos' sake, with the ultimate aim of creating stricter, stronger government.

If that's the case, Obama's idea of stronger government must be one that follows shariah law, because that's what he has a pattern of supporting, from the Muslim Brotherhood coup in Egypt to the al-Qaida "rebels" in Syria.

But I think it's even simpler than that. Some of the people behind Obama certainly have grand plans, and Obama himself may have a few fantasies about how he'd like things to turn out, but I think that ultimately, Obama operates on an instinctive level.

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