Thursday, June 26, 2014

Race-Baiting Helps Republican Win Vote With Democrats' Aid

Up till Tuesday night, Democrats in Mississippi were getting pretty scared at the idea that a Tea Party Republican -- with his beliefs in lower taxes, smaller government, free markets, individual rights, etc. -- might have a chance of becoming their senator.

So with encouragement from a race-baiting flier, they turned out in a Republican primary to make sure that GOP Sen. Thad Cochran won his run-off.

LiarFlierCochran's own campaign staff acknowledged that he only beat Chris McDaniel with the help of mostly black Democratic Party voters, some of whom are suspected by the McDaniel camp to have voted illegally after voting in the Democratic primary a couple of weeks before. (Mississippi is one of those states that lets people cross over party lines in primaries and screw up the chances of their toughest competition.)

Part of the success of Cochran's last-minute appeal to Democratic voters has been attributed to a blatantly race-baiting flier that was heavily distributed in black neighborhoods.

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