Saturday, June 14, 2014

Manana is Good Enough for Obama

Wow, what a week.
We’ve got floods of illegal immigrant children rushing the southern border looking for freedom, only to be stored in rat-infested warehouses.
Congress questioning the Bergdahl swap that released five terrorist chiefs for one little U.S. deserter.
Iraq crumbling before the eyes of Americans who fought to give that country a shot at democracy.
The IRS losing all those emails from Lois Lerner. (Whew!)
A U.S. veteran still being held prisoner in Mexico for taking a wrong turn.
Russian tanks rolling into the Ukraine.
Chelsea Clinton going in public in leather pants and pumps. …
lazyObamaBut don’t worry. President Obama is on the job. He’ll be thinking very hard about all the issues facing this country (many of which he caused) as he gives a commencement speech in Anaheim, California (that’s Disneyland to the rest of the world), stuffs his face at another fancy fundraiser and finally makes a hands-on inspection of the links in Palm Springs.

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