Friday, June 13, 2014

Obama Finally as Disliked as Bush

Good morning, America. How are you? Did you have a nice nap?

While you were sleeping, those of us who were awake have been suffering through the interminable presidency of the worst chief executive you've ever elected, a man who believes himself to be a king who can step on, over or around the Constitution whenever he feels like it; a man whose first instinct when he makes an unpopular move is to blame it on his enemies then lie about his own involvement; a man who has blithely presided over possibly the worst economic period in our country's history while insisting for years that we're in recovery; a man whose dogmatic agenda and quest for power now endangers thousands of immigrant children's lives and threatens to transform our society forever; a man whose foreign policy is so bumbling that Iraq is now looking to Iran for assistance and the entire Middle East is in danger of exploding into a regional war.

But now that you're awake, it's nice that 51 percent of you finally agree that Obama is as bad as President Bush, according to a new poll that even CNN couldn't spin.

Read more at Godfather Politics.

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