Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Obama Sticks a Toe in Iraq

President Obama has been such a laggard on the subject of Iraq that the joke just the other day claimed that he was sending in troops, but they were Iranian.

Now, he really is sending in the troops, a whopping 275 of them. Rather, that's "as many as up to" 275, which could mean fewer.

And they're not going in to set anything to rights, just provide cover fire for fleeing embassy personnel.

Let's hope that if they need to call for backup, no one at the White House gives a stand-down order to nearby bases, as happened in Benghazi.

In addition to the 275 insufficiently armed lambs to the slaughter, Secretary of State John "I Served in Vietnam" Kerry assures us, the White House is thinking about maybe, perhaps in a few days, should the weather cooperate (global warming, ya know), sending in a drone or two.

Read more at Political Outcast.

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